Get to Know Learning Activities Provided by Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat

As the best International school, Global Sevilla uses effective and engaging teaching methods for the young learner. Along with it, a positive environment and best approach are applied at Global Sevilla to improve student’s skills. Thus, there are numerous class activities used by the international school di Jakarta Barat. For more information, here is the explanation for you!

The Learning Activities Used by Global Sevilla

1. The Classroom Activities

To develop the student’s knowledge and understanding, there are numerous activities implemented in the classroom. The curriculum requires the young learner to do their task individually, in pairs, ground, and whole classes. These activities effectively develop a lot of new abilities in student’s development, such as tolerance with a different opinion.

2. Learning Positive Behavior

The practical learning method used at Global Sevilla can make the students have numerous abilities. They are not only mastering in the academic area but also, they will have positive characters. It is due to the classroom activities in groups or pairs. Through these tasks, they will improve communication skills, adaptability, and respect at the same time.

3. Learning Based on the Levels

As the best international school Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla runs an excellent curriculum depending on the age. Global Sevilla provides the targeted curriculum for students starting from an early age. There are three different stages with dissimilar learning focuses, such as kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools.

These three levels have specific courses to teach the students to get the best education. For example, the program will apply to the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) at the kindergarten level. The curriculum goals are to make the young learners develop their ability through practical and fun play.

Besides that, the primary schools focus on active inquiry learning. It adjusted two different curricula, such as International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Primary Curriculum. At this level, the students learn about English, Math, and Science and use the thematic and comprehensive curriculum.

The primary program at Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat is designed for students 3 to 12 years old. In contrast, at secondary levels, the learning process focuses on the project and research-based learning. Therefore, the students will understand their potential skills in education and develop the ability.

In conclusion, the practical learning process on Global Sevilla can boost the student performance in both academic and characteristics. They will master academic subjects such as English, Math, or Science and learn about character building. As a result, the student has a better educational outcome along with positive behavior.

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